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devouring beauty*

We are beautiful beyond our knowledge.

We walk around unknowingly; oblivious to any predicament larger then what we expect.

It will never matter what we do, what we say for it can never possibly amount to what we are.

So ungrateful and non-appreciative,
Our self-worth is unable to be priced; yet for the rest of time we will strive for this not knowing why.

No regrets forever, for everything is well thought out, with meaning, and compassion.

As likely or as unlikely as it may seem.

We are beyond our knowledge a richly painted portrait fine in detail.

Beyond all cries, hopes, and happiness.

We will continue on our quest for something better then the best, hurting those we love, paying any price.

Beauty fills our sight everywhere it travels, forever we are continuously devouring beauty.

By Tiffany Brown