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What is love | pretty girl | Me | color me | why you say it | i am | i use to love him | when i heard your voice | devouring beauty* | father | hate parades | lingering | mind blinded | through fallen eyes | you invade | my eyes | TtRrUuTtHh
when i heard your voice

When I heard your voice talk to me, I simply could not breathe
Something within my pain brought you deep within me that night
You can never go away cause
I love you
I love you
As much as I can
I do not think of anyone but you all day and all night
You are in my mind
Because I love you
Always loved you since first sight like a think fog you fill my lugs and suffocate me
In the same instant I am placed in a different time my voice halts and I believe
To hear those sweet words I want only for myself
I know that god made me just for you/how your hand glided and held mine
next to you, all i could do was stare straight ahead and breathe in and out inside of you
then it was over and we said goodbye and ever since
my soul has yearned for you and i know if we could hear/our hearts beat as one
i run my hands along the sheets and dream for you/ closing my eyes/escaping into this perfect love we share/we are connected/ this connection is bigger than you and i both
in a persons lifetime they will be lucky to find someone
that they will have so much faith in and believe in so much as i am able to do with you
i trust in you and im not affraid of that trust and neither should you
my love is not blind/ive looked in my eyes;
theres not a single way i could surpass you and surcome the worlds hurtful pain

By Tiffany Brown