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What is love | pretty girl | Me | color me | why you say it | i am | i use to love him | when i heard your voice | devouring beauty* | father | hate parades | lingering | mind blinded | through fallen eyes | you invade | my eyes | TtRrUuTtHh

time to exercise, exercise my mind...

my boyrfriend is where? doing, what?
my brother is where? smokin', what?
the friend's i've got, said what?
the music is too loud, what?

my body's fit, my face is what?

I'm fifteen, so what?
I'm fifteen, so what?

I'm blonde too, so what?
I'm cruel too, so what?

Yah I wasn't listening, so?
Yah, I forgot, so?
Yah, I did cheat, so?

I'm in love, fuck.
I'm so utterly tired, fuck.
I'm sorry, fuck.
I didn't do it, fuck

I failed, sorry.
I forget, sorry.
I just wanna sleep beside you for the rest of my fucked up life, sorry.

I have to go, sorry.

I am me. Statement of a fact.