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i am

I am allowed to be selfish, as long as I am not selfless.
I am completely worthy of everyone that comes my way.
I am able to love whomever I want.
I am precious.
I am smart.
I am beautiful.
I am a believer of things I see and things I cannot.
I am going to scream when I want and where I want.
I am going to cry, wipe my eyes, and cry some more.
I am going to fall.
I am going to get back up.
I am going to smile till it hurts.
I am going to laugh until the day I die.
I am going to kiss and be kissed.
I am going to fly with wind in my eyes.
I am going to soar.
I am what I eat.
I am not afraid.
I am not going to worry.
I am not going to back down, or be pushed around.
I am not full of myself.
I am not going to listen to criticism.
I am standing tall and brave.

I will not listen to anyone that tells me different.
I will not change for anyone but myself.
I will not strive to make everyone happy.
I will not let myself down.
I will choose my battles and win.
I will be noticed.
I will be recognized.

I can be defeated but not cheated.

I will not let death keep me from my life.