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you invade

Its been too long since Ive sang a song

And so long since Ive been kissed.

Its like the whole worlds moving and Im the only on being still.

The weight of your love is crushing my will.

It seems like everyday Im doing what I have to and nothing I want.

How am I supposed to fly with everything holding me down.

Everything takes me further from where I should be.

Nothing is as it should be and nobodys with me.

How can I be completely me with you completely gone?

How can it be, why arent you with me.

What was it that I did that pushed you so far way.

Ive got so many questions and no answers.

If I could only tell you what was in that letter.

Why were you so impatient with me?

My biggest fear that you would leave came true.

I try to keep a smile to hide the pain.

But when Im alone the smile fades and you invade.