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why you say it

Why did you do it?

He says, "Because I wanted to?"

That is so sad, and I'm getting confused.
When you said that you loved me, was it just to amuse?

Oh you wanted to.
You did it,
Only 'cause you wanted to.

You say "Jesus, Tiffany I love you."
After we fight.

So here I am,
On my bed, dying, my heart bleeding out your lies.

"What is this?"
"Who are we?"

Then, I pray:

"....god give me strength to love myself, to leave him, and just to be free, God help me."

Then I think, the day I'm free that's the day I die.
It shouldn't be like this, I should think like this.

I re-think my place on earth, my reason for being me.

Why are you my punishment?
"Jesus I love you Tiffany."
Driving me insane I am not a fucking toy.

He says, "Shut your mouth."

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