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What is love | pretty girl | Me | color me | why you say it | i am | i use to love him | when i heard your voice | devouring beauty* | father | hate parades | lingering | mind blinded | through fallen eyes | you invade | my eyes | TtRrUuTtHh
my eyes

i need my hair down to shade my eyes
yet it just shines
i have no idea why, im nothing compared to you
you're strong and smart
i'm weak and thinskinned

people say i'm beautiful and it just rips me apart
i'm beautiful? you should see me in the morning
i wear makeup to hide what's in my eyes
i wear this imple smile; it's a coverup of hate
there's nothing i can do
there's nothing i can say to convince your condescending eyes not to stare

my stars say i'll never be over you, i think i shall never get over myself
my stars say i'll love twice before i found my soulmate, if he's anything like me i'll have to run and hide

oh what to do
oh what to say to a perfect image like you

you never loved me
you never ever once did.
only thing i was there for was to shield you from reality;
i was an escape

Fiona Apple doesn't do to sleep to dream
niether do i, i go to sleep to try to die.

i go outside when it's cloudy so i cannot see the god i made hate me.

oh mister, what do i take to fall? forget it i'll take it all.

I only take up space
I just find joy in all my pain.

i'm only a sick and twisted white girl, what did you expect?

anyone may have me and take me away, let me escape!

guys have drank me, it was fun, but i later found they left me so completely empty.

i'm suppose to be warm but god...i am so cold.

im so afraid, cause i like the dark.

I have a monster that keeps me alive.

you can't see the love in my eyes, the only thing there is everything that hides.