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What is love | pretty girl | Me | color me | why you say it | i am | i use to love him | when i heard your voice | devouring beauty* | father | hate parades | lingering | mind blinded | through fallen eyes | you invade | my eyes | TtRrUuTtHh

I find myself recently craving something more.
I want something other then life.
I don't want to use my life yet I don't want to lose it.
What is a person to do in such a time?
There is much more.
There has to be.
I believe there to be.
But what is it?
Just because you believe a picture to be true. Doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen to you.
What must I do to escape from the beautiful enriched hypocritical walls in which I was born
Where I may breath at my own pace and become my own race.
Does anyone feel the exact way?
This is what I bottle and store only able to briefly write it down.
I'm dreaming, not living

By Tiffany Brown