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down on knees

You're just like me but down on your knees.
Begging to flee from the life, which you are to lead.
It's safe now, you can come on out they've lost all hope for you.
Your mom looks at old pictures of you when you were a baby and she remembers the simple, happy times.
They can no longer make you the one they long for.
A long time ago they found.
The one better then the other one you saw on Christmas.
The one that sings peacefully and remembers what she is suppose to and needs nothing. She doesn't depend on herself, only others.
You're pretty.
She's beautiful.
Together you two are perfect, the perfect one.
You two need each other in order to for-fill their expectations.
When you look at each other you grow red.
Is it because she won't let you come over anymore or is it because you're too much alike?
Choose hurry up little girl you have nothing to lose but your freedom.
She tries to live up to you.
You try to kick her down.
She makes the world spin in the tight family your both in.
You send thrill and a loud spark to a dull life.
Socome on and choose beautiful one you don't have much to lose.So you like her boyfriend?

But, that doesn't countright?
Sure lets give you some extra credit you had good intentions.
Why did you give him an ultimatum?
Did you actually think you could make him fall?
Come on. Choose you haven't anything to lose.
You told him you loved him, bent down and cried. You cried real tears for a first.
You asked him. You pleaded for him to tell you that he loved you even if it was a lie.
He said in return that he loved you. He heart ripping in two as he blinked mental pictures flew into his head of her. He knew then.
Just make up your mind you can't party all the time.
Running around playing with lives, shame on you little one.


By Tiffany Brown