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Welcome (site under construction)

Hello and welcome to "Out Spoken", a new addition to Tiffany*s Poetry. This is just a quick introduction and explanation of this page.

Have you ever thought something you desired to say but thought you shouldn't? Well, I do. I've observed things in public I wish I could comment on. This page allows me to speak out, to be out spoken. On "Out Spoken", you'll find advice, stories, and viewer commentary.

Since this page is very new there may be errors, I apologize. Also, it would be very helpful to recieve any comments you have about this page. Once I have gathered some comments I plan on posting them on this site, so speak-out, good or bad comments I'm not affraid to show them.

Please, enjoy yourself.

Tiffany Brown


Listen, watch, and pay attention. If you project the image you think your child has failed, then they will not try.

Never hit. Don't even start it when they're young. If you begin hitting and want to stop later it'll be the only thing they know, then you'll be forced to to hit just to get a point across.

Kids do what they see and speak what they hear.

Teenagers, need space and unconditional love. Let them learn from their own personal mistakes, not yours. Guide them, don't push them, they'll fall.

Parents: Their world begins and ends with you. Don't be the cause of chaos, alleviate it.