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Welcome Money

Name: Tiffany Brown

School: Class of 2004

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Hobbies: I play softball, firstbase. I enjoy talking to my friends, hanging out and shopping!

Publishing: I have been published by, Cader Publ., The Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans,, and The Famous Poet Society. Also, I had an essay publish in the Vetrans Affairs Public Newspaper, titled: "Summer Volunteering, The Teen Scene"

Additude: I like to fit in and I follow the crowd for the most part. Although, I have my loud moments. If there is something that needs to be heard, I have no problem shouting. I maintain good grades (3.7GPA. I am uncertain of what I want my future to be, but I'm thinking!

In closing, thank you for taking the time to get to know me. If you have any coments please feel free to email me!

Thank you,

Tiffany Brown

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